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04/16/18 - Updated links to 2018 Reunion Information, Membership information

03/05/17 - Updated contact information on Contact Us page.

10/29/16 - Corrected typos on Casualties and Gunfighter Name pages; updated Reunion pages to 2017 Reunion.

03/03/16 - Corrected errors/omissions on Casualty pages; added 2016 Reunion page, updated Reunion page.

05/21/15 - Added link to mirror website 366FighterAssociation.net; added reunion registration forms to Reunion page.

03/27/15 - Added 2015 Reunion information Page, updated Reunion page.

11/16/14 - Updated Contact Us page; added "A Fighter Pilot's Story" DVD link to Links page .

03/19/14 - Added 2014 Reunion information page.

12/07/13 - Updated "Contact Us" page with Treasurer's new email address; updated Reunion page; added "Lady Lou" to Nose Art page.

09/18/13 -  Minor corrections to Vietnam Casualty lists.

07/11/13 - Added Best Short Story "Pure Torture", updated Best Short Story page, corrected "Captain Shadow" caption.

04/21/13 - Added 2013 Reunion information and Reunion Registration pages. 

03/22/13 - Corrected Casualty Alpha and Chronological information on  Lts Cutsha11 and Dunton (WWII)

02/27/13 - Updated Citations and Awards Page.

12/28/12 - Updated Treasurer address on Contact Us page.

11/20/12 - Updated Contact Us and Reunion pages.

07/22/12 - Added 2012 Reunion pages, removed guest book links from Main/Toppage pages pending  new provider.

11/05/11 - Updated Reunion and Main/Toppage pages, Secretary info on Contact  page,

07/10/11 - Added 2011 Registration Form link (.pdf format) to 2011 Reunion Page.

05/10/11 - Updated 2011 Reunion Details and added 2011 Registration Form links (.doc format) to 2011 Reunion Page.

05/02/11 - Updated 2011 Reunion Page; Added POW Release Date for Fall (WWII).

03/31/11 - Updated Links page with new link to the 366th Munitions Maintenance Squadron.

03/21/11 - Updated  the Victories Alpha and Chronological  pages adding eight Vietnam aircrew assigned to the 390th and 480th TFS assigned to the 35th TFW before it was redesignated the 366 TFW in October 1966.

03/04/11 - Added "The War We Fought" book page. 

03/02/11 - Updated 2011 Reunion Page, added link to 2011 Reunion Details.

01/17/11 - Corrected Contact Us page, updated Reunion Page, Added 2011 Reunion Page.

06/27/10 - Added 2010 Reunion Page, Updated Contact Us Page.

04/18/09 - Updated 2009 Reunion Page.

11/08/08 - Updated Reunion Page, Added 2009 Reunion Page, Updated Vietnam PUC Images.

04/09/07 - Updated 2007 Reunion Page, Contact Us Page.

09/26/06 - Updated Reunion Page, Added 2007 Reunion Page.

06/20/06 - Updated Reunion Page, Added 2006 Reunion Page.

12/26/05 - Updated REUNION page; updated CONTACT US page to show change in Treasurer; revised Guest Book Anti-SPAM handling.

07/24/05 - Changed Organization Name on Main Page; changed mailing address on APPLICATION.

07/11/05 - Updated CONTACT US page to show change in Treasurer.

04/09/05 - Updated REUNION page, added link to 2005 REUNION page.

04/18/04 - Updated REUNION page, added link to 2004 REUNION page; updated Contact Information on MEMBERSHIP page.

12/25/03 - Restored link to 366th MMS on LINKS Page; identified pilot on "Heap Big Wheel" Nose Art page..

11/29/03 - Added link to Military.com on LINKS Page.

11/21/03 - Added Military.com "Distinguished Web Site" recognition to Home Page.

11/01/03 - Updated CONTACT US page with new officers; removed multi-language capability; updated REUNION page; added photo to GUNFIGHTER NAME and DAY OF GUN pages.

10/20/03 - Added multi-language capability to selected pages on a test basis.

10/05/03 - Loaded Photo Gallery of the mini-reunion at "Gunfighter Skies 2003"   Mountain Home AFB, ID Sepember 12-14, 2003

09/05/03 - On LINKS page, changed link to 366th CSG Gunfighters Lost and Found and removed link to 366th Munitions Maintenance Sqdn (combined with Gunfighters Lost and Found).

08/27/03 - Update pricing on 2003 REUNION page, added link to Mountain Home Mini-Reunion web page.

06/22/03 - Added link to "Angels Zero" on the LINKS page; added Associate Membership catetory to MEMBERSHIP Application.

06/08-06/18/03 - Updated pilot information on Nose Art pages

06/07/03 - Added Nose Art pages; Updated 2003 Reunion information.

05/26/03 - Updated LINKS page to add a link to the 366th Munitions Maintenance Squadron website, added link from the WWII Distinguished Unit Citation page to a copy of the order awarding 1st Lt Iley C. Gaar a Distinguished Flying Cross for the same action.

04/20/03 - Updated GULF WAR HISTORY and the REUNION page with the date and details of the mini-reunion at "366th FW Gunfighter Skies 2003" at Mountain Home AFB, ID, September 13-14, 2003.

04/15/03 - Corrected email address error in Mtn Home Mini-Reunion page.

03/16/03 - Added Mountain Home AFB Mini-Reunion to Reunion Page.

01/24/03 - Updated COMMANDERS page with newest Wing Commander.

01/18/03 - Added BEST STORIES pages.

01/11/03 - Added GUESTBOOK and SITE FORWARDING capabilies.

12/13/02 - Updated AWARDS to add three Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards to Post-Vietnam section.

12/01/02 - Updated WWII HISTORY page. Updated AERIAL VICTORIES pages to show casualties. Revised notes on ATTACKS ON DANANG page. Improved linkage on various web pages.

11/28/02 - Added ATTACKS ON DANANG page. Updated MEMBERSHIP page to include a link to a printable membership application.

11/26/02 - Updated AERIAL VICTORIES pages to add World War II victories.

11/25/02 - Added 366th Fighter Group World War II commanders to COMMANDERS page; added 366th Fighter Group World War II bases to UNIT AND STATIONS page; added Panther tank photo to WWII DISTINGUISHED UNIT CITATION page.

11/24/02 - Added AERIAL VICTORIES pages.

11/23/02 - Updated AWARDS page to add links to Distinguished/Presidential Unit Citation pages by clicking on the dates of the Unit Citation.

11/20/02 - Added CASUALTY pages

11/11/02 - 11/18/02 Initial Website Deployment

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