366th Fighter Group Association

Nose Art

Nose art, wherein aspiring Rembrants, Van Goghs or Walt Disney's painted designs on the noses of aircraft - both fighters and bombers - probably reached its peak in World War II. The Nose Art on these pages adorned the aircraft of the 366th Fighter Group.

We need your assistance identifying the squadrons, artists, pilots and ground crews associated with the Nose Art on these pages. If you can provide any identifying information please send the information to:
Webmaster, 366th Fighter Association

Captain Shadow
Capt Lee Standifer /
Capt Carl Johnson

Cicely Ann
Lt. George Arbuthnot

Lt Col Tipton

Excalibur II

Glamour Girl
Lt. Henry Collins

Grapefruit's Gator
Lt. Paul Daniels

Heap Big Wheel
Lt. Col. John H. Pease

Hey Bernice!
Lt. Joe Richmond

King Bee

Lady Lou
Maj. Ed Guthmann

Lil' Herbie
Capt. Herb Stachler
Lt. Lee Rorex

My Bub

Oops Flak!
Lt. W. C. Turnier

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