366th Fighter Group Association

About the Association

The 366th Fighter Group Association was formed in 1988 by a group of World War II veterans with a desire to share their mutual experiences. Various members had occasionally met each other at reunions of other organizations, 9th AF Association, P47 pilots Association, etc. throughout the years and felt that a get-together of the "Old 366th" was in order. At the 1993 reunion, the first veteran of the Vietnam War attended followed by eleven others at the 1995 reunion. The membership is evenly divided among both enlisted and officer personnel.

The purpose of the Association is to preserve the history, heritage and traditions of the 366th Fighter Group, its successor (Fighter Bomber Wing, Tactical Fighter Wing, Fighter Wing, etc) and subordinate organizations and to promote camararderie and communication amongst veterans, members, their families and descendents.

To achieve this goal we hold annual reunions at various cities around the country generally on a three-year rotating cycle (eastern, central and western) to enable our members in that section of the country easier access. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, the Association "Teamletter", to keep our members informed of various events on a more timely basis. The Association also has an unofficial auxiliary, our "Wingmates", for our spouses who have supported us through thick and thin.

Our logo depicts the P-47D Thunderbolt, "the Jug" which the 366th Fighter Group flew in World War II. It is surrounded by other primary aircraft the decendent organizations have flown throughout the years, the F-84F, F-84H, F-86, F-4C/D/E, F-111A/F, F-15C/E and F-16.

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