Angels Zero


Angels Zero

The 366th Fighter Group was organized in June 1943, trained and sent to England in February
1944, flying their first combat mission as a Group in March 1944. They were the
first fighter group to be based in France after D-day, setting up their operations on
airstrip A-1 by Omaha Beach 12 days after D-day. The 366th participated in all the
major battles -- Normandy, Falaise Pocket, Huertgen Forest, Battle of the Bulge,
Crossing the Rhine River -- as they moved from airstrip to airstrip right behind the
ground troops. On VE Day the 366th was located at airstrip Y-94 near Muenster,
Germany. During the course of their 14 months of furious combat, 94 pilots and
135 aircraft were lost while flying an aggregate 1,258 missions involving over
18,000 sorties.

Angels Zero describes these predominately ground support missions that
pulverized the German ground forces by destroying enough German military
material and men to equip a sizable army. The missions are described in terms of
their effect on the larger picture of the war and includes the attitudes and
viewpoints of the pilots and ground crew as they went about their business of
winning the war. Included are eyewitness accounts of the battles from both
American and German participants.

Angels Zero is published by the Smithsonian Institution Press. Contains 208
pages - 24 B&W photographs - 6 pages of notes - Index. It is available from the
Smithsonian Institution Press, various book stores or get a personalized signed
copy from the author.

Smithsonian Institution Press
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